Growth Mindset Steampunk Figures Making 8 week Course Workshop with Philippa Nihot



$330 (includes all materials, tuition and refreshments)
Growth Mindset Steampunk Figures Making 8 week Course

These are possibly the best and worst of times to be a teenager.  While there have been many gains for youth, our rapidly changing social, technological, cultural and global environment is affecting their well being.  Tweenagers are under pressure too.  No doubt, both males and female youth of today face the issues of over exposure, rapid change, the undermining of self-confidence, development and sexualisation at increasingly younger ages.

This generation is growing up in a predatory environment on many fronts, where they can be bullied, geo-located online, stalked (on-line and off-line), when they are encouraged to look sexy, to live fast, to embrace risky behaviour, where they get a clear message they must look and come across as amazing.  With this amount of pressure, there is little room to be a child and a lot of pressure for youth to prove.

When talking with youth it is essential to differentiate between their public and private narratives. Half of all lifetime mental disorders start by mid-teens.  We need to see beyond the brand packaging, beyond the constant need to impress peers, to discern where they are at, to assist them instead to be authentic, to be real.  This forum provides a place and a time to talk and to connect, and encourages individual and creative thinking.

Philippa Nihot has developed and delivered this program with great success to tweens and teenagers.  However many school aged children no longer do art at school, and there are waiting lists to get into these purpose built programs if you’re lucky enough to have them at your school.   Lilly-Lee Gallery is proud to offer this 8 week program Growth Mindset Steampunk Figure Making Course under the tuition of Philippa Nihot.  

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