Fabulous Fish Workshop with Lynn Edwards



$150 (Supplies can be purchased from the Gallery)
Fabulous Fish

Be inspired in this Ink Painting Fish Workshop while creating colourful, vibrant, fabulous fish! You will learn how to create fabulous vivid  sketches and paintings. Learn to draw and paint simple, fluid, free flowing fish and also how to create a watery effect in acrylic for the fish to swim gracefully around in. this technique can be used for birds, corals and floral paintings. Discover new and exciting ways with acrylics and coloured inks.   If you would like to buy a fish painting created by a professional artist, browse our Gallery Page. 

Materials required:

Available from Lilly-Lee Gallery:

  • 45 cm x 45 cm canvas
  • Ink - red, yellow, blue, white
  • Gesso primer
  • Acrylic - red, yellow, blue, white
  • Brushes - large flat bristle & medium soft round
  • Pencil
  • Large Gesso Brush
  • Sketchbook

Other items:

  • 3 disposable plastic food containers
  • Water spray bottle
  • Newspaper
  • Hair dryer

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