Perrin Millard

Perrin Millard joined Lilly-Lee Gallery in April 2015 and took over it's ownership in 2021. Perrin is an interdisciplinary artist with an active art practice that incorporates painting, sculpture, performance, and digital media, she also has skills in mediums such as lead-lighting and sliver-smithing. Within her fourteen-year practice, she has organised, curated, and co-curated multiple Artist Run Initiative (ARI) exhibitions, large-scale community exhibitions, and has been involved in the organisation of artist panels, artist talks, exhibition events, performances, collaborations, and applications for grants, prizes, and residencies. 

Perrin undertook eight years of traditional and technical training, followed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree from the Queensland College of Arts, Griffith University, Southbank. This broad education has developed an understanding and respect for the different pathways into the art industry, while her art practice specifically explores ways of connecting classical training and contemporary visual-art methodologies in positive and inclusive ways. The recipient of three academic excellence awards, the Still Life Award for the State Country Women’s Association Art Awards in 2014, the People's Choice Award for the Regional Country Women’s Association Art Awards 2014, and the Abstract Art Award for Art West in 2021, she has also been a finalist in the Stanthorpe Art Prize in 2016, the Lethbridge Gallery 20 000 Small Scale Art Prize in 2018, the South Australian Museum Waterhouse Art Prize in 2018, the Brisbane Rotary Spectacular in 2019, the Moreton Bay Prize in 2019, and the Mandorla Prize, followed by the Mandorla travelling exhibition in 2021.

Perrin's greatest joy is having the opportunity to share her passion for art with others.