Children's Structured Drawing Classes (pencils, charcoal, pastel)

Time: 2020 Wed 4-5:30pm or Saturday 1:45-315 or 3:30-5pm

Price: $330 ($330 10 weeks )

Children's Structured Drawing Classes (pencils, charcoal, pastel)

Each week children are taught step by step a new technique, using either pencils, charcoal or pastel. Subjects include animals, portraits, landscapes and still life using various art materials. This class is suitable for children aged 6 -13 years the exercises are formal with more advanced children encouraged to extend their techniques.  Drawing is an enriching skill that lasts a lifetime.  Lilly-Lee Gallery provides a warm, welcoming, fun place for school children  to expand their drawing and art skills.

Children's Drawing Classes are suitable for ages 6-15. In 2020 Classes run once a week either:
Every Wednesday 4-5:30 or every Saturday from 1:45-3:15 or Saturday 3:30–5pm,
Children's Extention Drawing classes Wednesdays from 5:30-7pm (For older more advanced older children (10-16) (teacher to determine suitability).



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