Acrylic and Oil Painting Classes

Acrylic and Oil Painting Classes

Acrylic is the most versatile of all painting mediums. Lilly-Lee Gallery offers regular art lessons and workshops where you can learn acrylic painting. Our experienced teachers will guide you and provide you with knowledge of painting techniques for the beginner to the more experienced artist. Acrylic painting lessons at Lilly-Lee Gallery are relaxed, informal and very addictive. Join us today and have fun! For time and days check our regular art class timetable.

If you have never painted before, you don't need to worry what to bring to your first class: you can purchase all the necessary supplies right here, in Lilly-Lee. Lilly-Lee Gallery stocks a range of art materials at very competitive prices to suit the beginner to more experienced artist alike. Often, it is hard to know in advance what you will need for each particular art project. Buying the necessary art supplies on an "as you go" basis is the easiest way to get all the best-suited art materials for your painting and, at the same time, avoid spending money on something you may never need. Our friendly staff is always happy to help you to choose the best suited materials.

If you are looking for full step-by-step instruction for a variety of techniques then check out our Sunday Workshop schedule.

Lilly-Lee Gallery also offers regular art classes where you can learn oil painting. Our classes are relaxed, stress-free and fun where you can learn techniques and create something beautiful. Join us today and start painting with oils. Regular classes are informal and you may start at any time.

For more "technical" learning, in addition to the regular classes we offer Sunday workshops for enriching your oil painting techniques. If you are looking for full step-by-step instruction, check our Sunday Workshop schedule when for the next 1-day oil workshop.

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