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Winners of the 2021 Lilly-Lee Gallery and St Luke's Community art show

People's Choice Winners

Adults - Beautiful Mess - Delia Eastland
Youth - Violin - Sophie Holmes
Child - Fairy Pools - Lauren Wishart

Winner of the Lucky Door Voting Ticket Prize - Donated by Donna Dix of Repco 

Chris Christoforatos


Best in Show – Lynda Byram (Sicilian doorway, 121)
Runner up – David Van Ulzen (Slovenia Gardens)
Highly Commended – Robin Lee Murchinson

Winner Still-life/Botanical – Karen Falvey (Nasturtiums)
Still-life/Botanical Highly Commended – Barb Burns (Pears)
Still-life/Botanical Highly Commended – Jenny Mulley (Colvillea, 115)

Winner Abstract/Other – Katherine Boggan (World in my Pocket)
Abstract/Other Highly Commended – Alex Mc Laughlin
Abstract/Other Highly Commended – Susan Lee (Fishing Village)

Winner Seascape – Judy Blaney (Swimmer No 1)
Seascape Highly Commended – Jenny Mulley (Sea Turtle)
Seascape Highly Commended – Lynette Stronge (Snowdonia, Wales, 112)

Winner Portraiture/Figurative – Fiona Coward (Boy, 79) Strong work, the sense of immediacy shows a confident painting.
Highly commended Portraiture/Figurative – Bernadette Carmody (Little Shepherd) A nice use of traditional colours, emotive, lovely modelling on the hands and face.
Highly commended Portraiture/Figurative – Delia Eastland (Image of Audrey, 55) The treatment of the background colours is strong and distinct, confidence in choosing simple lines and their positioning and the selection of effective but limited colours.

Winner Animals – Ross Leggatt (Pelicans at Caloundra) Beautiful movement on the water with the ripples achieved through a clever use of layering colour and shadows. The pelicans fit well with the water and don’t look posed.
Highly Commended Animal – Sean Fitzgerald (The Rooster, 162) Lovely use of vivid colours, wild free brush strokes, there is a liveliness of the Rooster.
Highly Commended Animal – Karen Rose (I’m Watching You, 126) A nice sense of Abstraction in places, the black markings and the colour composition is interesting.

Winner Landscape – Jane Border (Waiting for Rain) – Nice subject matter, is original, stark in a good way, lovely use of light. An interesting addition would be some grass detail in the foreground.
Landscape Highly Commended – Bernadette Carmody (Serenity) – Technically good, poppies help make the composition.

Winner Cityscape – Donna Dix (Outback Barnyard) – Strong confident brush marks, rough painting technique and use of materials reflects the subject matter.
Cityscape Highly Commended – Lynette Stronge (Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland, 114) Nice treatment of distance, architecturally accurate, softness of the distant water, and landscape.

Youth and Children

Best in Show – Amy Muller (all three works – Summer Berries 1 & 2, Afternoon Bloom)
Runner up in Show – Emma Reardon (Jerry Cat)

Winner Portraiture/Figurative – Maddie Eastland (Inspired by Frida)
Portraiture/Figurative Highly Commended – Abby Holmes (Billie Eilish)

Winner Still-life – Sophie Holmes – Violin

Winner Seascape/Landscape – Lianne Zhang (Sunset)
Seascape/Landscape Highly Commended – Emma Reardon - Hawaii
Seascape/Landscape Highly Commended – Ellie Curnow -

Winner Animals – Emma Reardon (Jerry Cat)
Animals Highly Commended – Polly Machajski (Coral Pink Snake, 107)
Animals Highly Commended – Erin Moore (Terry the Terrier, 63)



In 2021  will be working independently on a co-op basis Kell, Perrin, Lexie and Philippa are offering painting classes.

Weekly classes are held in a Queenslander house adjacent to St Luke's church at 193 Ekibin Road East, Tarragindi. This is just off Ipswich Road and about a 10 minute drive from our old facility on Sherwood Road. Free parking is available behind the studio house.

Due to Covid-19 several restrictions are in place, please check the timetable page  If you have a gift voucher or workshop credit, we could offer you classes, workshop, or stock in lieu.

Please feel free to email if you are interested in attending an adult or children's painting class. 

We offer weekly social painting classes for all, from beginners to advanced. Classes are offered by the term or casually. Check our timetable to find a class that suits you best.

Our teaching methods are simple and effective; achieve good results quickly, even if you have never painted before. Learn to paint and draw confidently and create art you are proud of. Just give it a go!

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