Term 4 2017 Runs until Saturday  December 9 Click here to make a booking, or call 3379 7828.

Term 1 2018 runs from Monday 22 January until Thursday 29 March 2018 

All classes listed below are painting classes with acrylics or oils, unless specified otherwise.
Our art classes are very flexible to suit everyone: we have morning, afternoon,evening and weekend classes, and you are welcome to join any time during the term, attend casually or change your class day.

  Day   Adults Classes   Children’s Classes
  Monday   6:30–8:30 pm Intermediate Drawing (experience required) adults and teenagers

  4:00–5:30 pm  Structured Drawing  
for Children aged between 6 to 13 yrs/old.

  Tuesday  9:30–11:30 am Acrylic and Oil
  12:30–2:30 pm Acrylic and Oil
  7:00–9:00 pm  Acrylic & Oil 


4:00–5:30 pm Childrens Painting  Class


  Wednesday   9:30–11:30 am Acrylic and Oil
  12:30–2:30 pm Acrylic and Oil
  6:30–8:30 pm   Acrylic and Oil
  4:00–5:30 pm Painting 
  Thursday   9:30–11:30 am Watercolour & Acrylic  
  6:30–8:30 pm   Acrylic and Oil

  4:00–5:30 pm Painting


  Friday   9:30-11:30 am  Acrylic and Oil  
  Saturday   10:45–12:45 pm Acrylic and Oil
  1:15–3:15 pm Beginners Drawing Course A  suitable for adults and teenagers

  9:00–10:30 am Painting
   3:30-5 pm Structured Drawing Class for Kids  

We also offer art workshops, birthday parties and school holiday programmes.


$330 for 10-week term of art classes. Term fees are non-refundable, fees to be paid up front, or pro-rata if you join part way through the term, or $38 each class if you prefer to drop in for a casual class.

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